Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Here we go again....

A few weekends ago....Emily and Jed visited us. They are a hoot to be around! A hoot, I tell ya! Jed happened to bring along his little friend....
He skeered the living dead outta me {which really isn't that hard, is it, James?} the night they got here.....so when he wanted to bring it out to scare the kids the next day....I was a bit skeptic....cause you know me....I hate doing things to mess with my kids...just hate it...
But they talked me into it.... Jed put the mask on and the kids went a-screaming all around the yard. After the initial shock wore off (hehe)....we talked Aubree into putting the mask on!
I didn't think she would!
But she did!
And I laughed so hard I may have almost peed my pants!
And then she took off running after my brother....and we all about hit the floor, busting a gut.
It's a ballerina werewolf! (we had just gotten home from dance class)
She scared the crap out of him.
Fun times, fun times! Can't wait till Em and Jed come back to visit!