Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yertle the Turtle

So a few days ago, Aube was patiently waiting for some friends to come for a visit. She was sitting at the window, dutifully watching....when she spots a turtle!
Of all things...a turtle!
Now, a little back story...
when my parents moved to Texas, they brought 3 desert tortoises with them. In the first month, one went rogue {freedom!} and we never found it again.
Then! My parents moved into their house and the two other tortoises escaped...and we happen upon them every once in awhile, moseying around the yard.
So you can imagine our surprise to find a turtle in our yard {ok....maybe you can't imagine it...but we thought it was cool!}....after a little google-search, I found out it was a red-eared slider....a water turtle....probably from the "pond" down the street.
He was a little cutie, too....It looks like he has a cat nose.
I thought we might keep it....get a large fish tank, make him a sweet little home.
Then I started to feel bad....poor little guy.
So we took him along on our nightly walk. 
 We took him back to the "pond" down the street from us. It's this crazy, gross, green water....which has gotten really low with the drought this summer. And it's actually fenced off a we couldn't just drop the little dude into the water. Even tho we discussed chucking him like a frisbee, we knew we couldn't {shouldn't} attempt that.
Plus, we had a witness....the neighbor boy was watching.
So we called over to him and asked if he would mind taking our little friend back home.
Bye, bye little fella!


Krista said...

Ahhh!! Yeah you don't want to keep turtles in a tank!! My sis had one and it stunk to high heaven. My Dad built a pond in the backyard and she is back there now and much happier and their house is a lot less! :)