Thursday, October 13, 2011

What's up, Buttercup??

Well....we were lame in the birthday party department this year. With everything going on {the new calling, the maybe-job, Jax and his shenanigans} I skipped over the big party this year...even though I totally started planning one {hello....Princess and the Pea, such a cute idea!}. Instead, we had us a little family party....which was our FIRST birthday party with family, since Bella's 1st. We waited until Em and Jed could come up for a visit....and we partied!
 My cake was only semi-ghetto....but it tasted fantabulous. And the numbers DO add up to their ages: 7 and 5. Woot, go me!
 Sunday .... Jax was dressed up way too cute.
And was, for some reason, standing on a serving tray, holding a pumpkin.
 Handsome little stud.
Complete with a boo-boo on his chin.