Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Poor bloggity-blog

So neglected, aren't we??

I didn't even do a Happy Birthday post to my Bella, and here it is almost Aube's birthday! Slacker much.

Bella had a good birthday....she had strep throat the week of her big day...but recovered nicely to be able to attend school that day (yippee! lol). We went and ate lunch with her that day, then went and had a nice family dinner at the Traildust steakhouse {our family events all revolve around food, obviously}. That restaurant is their favorite place to go....because they have a slide inside. The food...well, not my fave...but it's worth it every once in awhile to go and let them have uber amounts of fun.

Before we went to eat....we stopped of at the store and bought Bella her birthday present: a bike. No training wheels! The next night we took her to the park to teach her how to ride. Not an easy task, totally wishing she had training wheels...but she'll eventually get it, right?! RIGHT?!

Look at that happy face. Seriously.
 Jax and Aube {with training wheels, thankgoodness} had a blast, too...even with the mosquito's were out in full force and we forgot our bugspray! We literally had to take Jax kicking and screaming from the park....little stinker. I guess we should take them there more often ;).
 Last weekend, we were able to go to XTO's annual family picnic. I'm SO thankful James' work throws such good parties! We had a fantastic time.
Bella was the only one brave enough to get messy in the bubbles. They had a bunch of bounce houses and one was filled with bubbles. So fun!

 Jax got a little closer to the bubbles than Aube.....but he was pretty occupied with the cotton candy, yum! XTO provides an all-you-can-eat dinner of hot dogs and hamburgers, and unlimited amounts of popcorn, cotton candy and peanuts. Yum.
 This year's theme was Margaritaville, or something like that?? But there isn't any alcohol served, so I'm not sure why they went with that theme....basically it was all pirate stuff, aaaargh! And a Jimmy Buffet cover band {Bluffet} played all evening.
In one area, there were a bunch of piles of dirt for the kids to dig around in....genius idea. They also had pirates demonstrating cannon fire and old guns, along with a small pirate ship.
 Jax wasn't too thrilled about the cold sand.
 We got to see a pirate eat fire. Crazy loon.
 Bella and Aubree tried to climb palm trees. They made it about...well...as high as they are in the picture, then we moved on to different stuff.
 ....such as rides! Woohoo.
I'm always impressed at what XTO comes up with {and spends} for their employee's. With Exxon taking over, we thought we might get jipped on the family picnic this year. Thank goodness they didn't skip it....it's something we look forward to all year!


Jen B. said...

That is so cool! :) There's so much to comment on.. haha.. it just is all awesome! Go Bella on the bike and in the bubbles! :) And Jax is so cute running and the cotton candy. And Aube has such a cute face in the last picture on the ride! So adorable :)