Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yard salin'

This past weekend, I had a yard sale.
I seem to be doing that a lot lately...and I plan on doing another one in the spring. It's amazing the amount of crap this family collects. Well...that I collect. Ü
The girls knew I was going to have a yard sale....which meant they could have their lemonade stand like last time.  Excitement all around!

This year, due to inflation, the price went up a few cents.
AND....apologies for only having yellow and purple.
 They only had a few customers {as did mommy}.....we might have been better off offering hot chocolate. It was a little chilly that morning!
But they had fun anyways....
 Oh look....little brother joined in on the fun. Ha!
Silly Jax.


Cheree said...

What fun!! :)

It's so fun to see your kiddoes grow on this blog (too fast I must say!) Wish we lived closer. I miss you guys!!