Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Sunday's have become a bit hectic with the new calling. This past Sunday was no exception. Being the 5th Sunday, I asked a guest speaker to come speak to the kids about missionary work.....but he got the flu Saturday night and so I was sent scrambling for something to do for sharing time.

I was reminded about a cute idea to have the kids decorate prayer rocks, prayer being our theme for last month. And from there, I just said "whatev's"....we'll just SHARE. Ü

So we did. We recapped the month....which should probably be happening EVERY month....we each asked the kids what they had learned during each week. Then gave them a chance to share stories where they had prayed and received an answer, or hadn't received an answer, or learned a lesson.
It was a great experience, especially for showed me that I didn't have to have a super-awesome-out-of-this-world sharing time planned in order to feel the spirit and have the kids learn.

The teachers even got into it. One of our teachers for the 11 year old boys {who recently had a stroke, so it's been hard for him to get up and share like he used to} shared a story about an little boy who was curious about how the chicks hatched from eggs. He would sit and watch them hatch. One day, the little boy decided top help on of the little chick along....and cracked the egg, making it easier on the chick to break through the hard outer shell.

Well, soon after getting out of the shell, that chick died. Which was so upsetting to the boy, of course. So he tried again, cracking another shell, and that little chick died, too.

Turned out, the little boy learned later, that when chickens hatch, they NEED to break through that outer shell to survive. The process of cracking that shell strengthens the chick, allowing it to be strong enough to survive in the outside world.

Now, I don't know what that story had to do with prayer....but I felt that it was a very gospel-oriented, helpful analogy {especially for me!}. Getting through the trials of life is what makes us stronger and helps us to go on to the next task. My calling is quite the trial....but each experience that is thrown at lovingly tossed my way, makes me stronger....

I've been sitting on that story for the past couple of days and just had to share!


Julie{isCocoandCocoa} said...

Beautiful story. I wish my kids could be in your Primary!