Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Once again....I give you: Twinerds!

Oh yes....it's happened again....
Crazy mom's heading out in their handmade tshirts...giggling and talking about how sparkly Edward is.....staying up entirely too late and way past their bedtimes to watch vampires and werewolves run amuck. Yes...yes, I'm talking about the midnight premiere of the 4th Twilight movie.
We went, we loved it, and we {ok just me} went to see it again the next night.
 Miss S and I brainstormed for weeks on what to do for our shirts this year. I came across a cute onesie idea by Ashley Ann......and thought, well...wouldn't that be cute on a grown-up shirt....and it definitely fits....cause we are definitely....
What is a Twinerd, you say??
{James had the audacity to mispronounce it}
Well...they are lovely ladies who read Twilight over and over and LOVE IT. People may laugh, people may criticize, but we don't care, because Nerds stick with it! 
{At least we have a better name than the Harry Potter nerds or HarryNerds...eeewwww}
 It's so much fun, I tell ya....acting young and having a blast!
You should try it sometime....


Bell Family Blog said...

Harrynerds hahahaha love it! Im a Harrynerd as well as a Twinerd :) Love the pics, cute cute ladies!