Saturday, January 7, 2012

December festivities

.....there are a few things that happen EVERY December....James and I go to his fancy work party (which I won't post our picture of....cause that picture is horrible, trust me),
I don't get my Christmas cards sent out....
I don't get family Christmas presents done on time and sent out....
Bella and Aube's dance studio has a Christmas recital!
And before you ask...yes....I made their shirts.
They needed to wear a Christmas shirt with a black skirt....and I'm an over-achiever, what can you say?? Aren't they stinking adorable! They have SO much fun dancing.
Aubree's class....
She has a darling little class....and is so proud that Ms Stephanie calls it "Aubree's class". Adorable.
 Bella loves her class too....this is only one side, there are 3 other girls on the other side...and they did a lovely job! I've been working with Bella, trying to get her to not look at the other girls while she dances....I know she knows her steps, she just needs to believe in herself! I'm so proud of her!
 Another thing December brings....lots and lots of LOVE and hot chocolate!


MommaLove said...

I love seeing pictures of my beautiful grandbabies!! Thank you for your blog Saha!! It makes me feel like I am closer than I really am ~
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new neclace! I received many compliments on Sunday. I wore it with a black sweater and it really showed off the purple feathers. Momma loves her jewelry!! ha ha