Monday, January 30, 2012

The Great Outdoors.

80 percent of my side of the family lives in Texas now. It's insane. Do I feel blessed, oh heck yeah. I never thought I'd see the day.
We spent the holidays in town, as I've probably mentioned. It's so nice not to worry about the hustle and bustle of travel, even if we did miss our other family a lot!
On New Years Day....we wanted to get out of the house.  So we packed up lunches (ok, ok, we stopped on the way and got lunches) and headed to the Ft Worth Botanical Gardens. I love this place and have blogged about it many times before. It's prettier in the spring (they seem to do all their remodeling in the winter, grr) but my favorite trees still had their green.
We spread out blankets and enjoyed the beautiful weather. The weather has been unreasonably nice this "winter" .....I'm not will just be interesting to see what February brings!
 Emily and Jed made the trip up from San Antonio to spend New Years with us. We didn't party too hard ....and ended up cleaning up puke about 2 minutes till midnight, lol. Poor Carl.
But we sure do love when Aunty Em comes to visit!
 This is Daniel. Laura's youngest boy. He's a crack up.
 Emily and Jed in their many emgagement errr....poses....*sigh*
 As most of you know, James is Mr. Great Outdoors. He loves it....he would go camping EVERY weekend if I would let him. Nature is his middle name.

.....or not.
But he was a good sport.
 I know the parentals miss the beautiful mountains in Utah...but I'm so glad they are here in Texas. I need to find more outdoorsy places to take them!'s a big log.
In the middle of the pathway.
.....thank you for providing lots of entertaining minutes.'s a hole in a tree.
What shall we do?
 Why, get in it, of course.

 We attempted a group picture.
I picked the BEST horribly shaded place, didn't I? Good job.
 The Texas Grandkids
(missing our sweet Cayden and lil C)
I may have to do a post on just the looks on Carl's face....the boy has got some great expressions!
So....there you go....finally a post. (ahem, for Emily)
I've been getting texts and emails saying "I miss your blogs" so....if the masses desire it....I shall blog more often! January has kinda stunk (2 rounds of The Sickness) so not many pictures or stories to share. But here's hoping the rest of 2012 goes better! 


Emily said...

YAYYYY!! I LOVE IT :) :) hehe I love you said!! Love alll the captions to the pictures hahaha and I love your chillens and love my nieces and nephews :) THis made me so happy!! THANK YOU!!!!