Thursday, February 9, 2012

Keeping it going...

I'm trying REALLY hard to keep the blogging's not as easy as it might seem. I think I want to blame it on my iPhone today!
I love my new phone, like probably too much. It's so much fun.
Instead of toting my camera around....I just snap shots and use to filter it, making it look super cool. The only are on my PHONE, not computer, making it hard to get them TO my computer and uploaded onto blogger. And what is a blog post without pictures?! It's just me...yap yap yapping! Boring.
So I'm going to make the effort {to not be lazy}....and get these awesome pictures all loaded up!

Cause there are some good ones!
Like this of the family on New Years eve/day/week?? I'm not for sure.
Isn't Emily's smile so cute? And James covering his face there in the background....priceless.
 Hula Hooping has been all the rave over here lately....until we {we: as in my middle girl child} broke the darn thing all over the carpet. I need to go buy a new one {preferably one without water inside of it!} cause it's so fun to watch them hula!
 Our next door neighbor has chickens that used to come over and eat all the bugs in our yard visit, but we haven't seen them all that much lately. The other day, we were playing outside {since the weather has been goooooorgeous lately...} and this scraggly little chick comes wandering over.
The kiddos were quite enthralled....especially since the chick was so friendly and wanted to play! It almost let Jax pet it....crazy chicken.

Randomness at its best....


Jenni said...

Sometimes random is best. I can't ever seem to get pictures to go with my posts, and I'm lucky to blog at all!

Emily said...

YOu're the cute one!! :) I love the chicken picture :) Toooo cute!