Monday, February 6, 2012

Goodbye chicken coop!

Our backyard is the bain of my existence.
Or something like's definitely given me a run for my money over the years (this July marks 5 years in our home).
One of the greatest eye-sores back there is the decrepit chicken coop in the back corner.
At first we played with the idea of getting chickens (insert blog link here that I couldn't find), but I really didn't want to have to deal with all that...can you blame me?
And so we just ignored it, assuming one day we'd take it down...letting the snakes have somewhere to live in the meantime (cause we're nice like that). But we never did...year after year.

And then we were doubly blessed by my sister and her little family moving here....because Joseph likes to do outdoorsy kinds of things....namely....tearing down the coop!
I'm so excited!
And we are going to repurpose the wood and use it to make some raised beds for a garden!

It's not completely done, it will take more than an afternoon to completely clear it away....but even with just 75% of it torn down, it looks so much different!!