Thursday, February 2, 2012

100th day of school

I got a note from Bella's teacher on Monday that said:
"bring all this stuff and have a collection of 100 things to show and have a shirt with 100 things on it by WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 2nd, you know, in TWO DAYS. Thank you, Imadumb Teacher."
{Ok, so that wasn't exactly what it said....I para-made-up-phrased}

Turns out....that date doesn't exist this year.

So...on Wednesday, the FIRST, I had her shirt and her project all done and sent her off to school.
Turned out I was a day too early, she was only one of 3 to wear a 100 shirt.
{So, she wore it two days in a row, booyah!}
Oh dear, these two are trouble adorable.


Colton Anne said...

So cute of an idea!! Kayley had her 100th day last week...she brought in 100 items in groups of ten for snack to share (so 10 different snacks, 10 pieces each)'s been fun to hear what everyone else did to celebrate the 100th day! I thought it was stressful trying to come up with 10 different snacks, I'm glad I didn't have to make that shirt! It's very cute though!!

Shannon said...

I love the shirt, and her hair! I hate when you get school info so late. It stresses me out!

Danielle said...

love the shirt!! so cute.

Jenny said...

I totally stole your idea and made a shirt like that for David--except his was with buttons. Thanks for the idea, chica!

Simply Sarah *K* said...

Buttons are fantastic!