Thursday, February 2, 2012


I find it interesting that "Baller" is the first part of "Ballerina"....anyone get me on that one?? Huh??

OH well.

We signed Bella up for basketball.
Good idea, bad idea...I dunno.
I want my kids to DO stuff....and they are. The girls are both in dance {thus the ballerina comment above}, but Bella likes her sports {she's obsessed with soccer atm} so since soccer isn't going right now, we put in her basketball. And in the spring, both girls are signed up for softball.

Well...she had her first practice and it went ok....
then she had her first game...
and you could tell she just didn't get it and she just wasn't having fun.
There may have been a few contributing factors:
a. she was kinda sick (turned out to be Strep when we took her to the dr, whoops)
b. it was loud, noisy, chaotic to say the least in that gym
c. she was the only girl, and very self conscious
d. the boys were a little rough
But...even with all that, she did fine. Even when she ducked when her teammate passed her the ball.
 She's so stinking tall...which is a good thing {or at least I will ALWAYS tell her that}
so I've decided to teach her how to post up underneath the basket. And to play defense under the basket. I LOVE practicing with her....and we're getting a basketball goal this weekend, so we'll be able to play big time now! :)

 I'm just so proud!
Even thru my nervousness {feelings from way back when I first started playing basketball...they were very traumatic times, so I remember them well!}
it's so hard to try something new!
But my Bellagirl is a brave one!


Emily said...

awww, GO BELLA!! She'll do great :) As long as she's having fun though right!! WHY are there not other girls? what the??

Shannon said...

You are such a goofball, but she is precious!

Krista said...

That's awesome!! Makenna has been playing basketball during recess lately. I asked her if any other girls played and she said nope...just me and the boys!! :)