Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Only 5 hours left!

I finally figured it out! ... and a few password changes later, I can use the Blogger app to blog! Woot!

We have about 5 hours left on our trip BACK from good ole Minnesota. I've rummaged around Pinterest and commented on too many Facebook updates. So now onto blogging! Gotta waste this time somehow.

It's been a very fun trip....the driving part, notsomuch, but go figure! I will be happy to be home in my (new) bed tonite!

I'm so very thankful for the family I've been blessed with....I got pretty lucky in the inlaw department. And I'm grateful that we can make trips like these. Yeah, they are hard, but so worth it. Family is the most important thing we have in this earthly life! We should spend a much time with them as we can!