Monday, April 2, 2012


I sit here having so many things to say, yet don't quite know how to put them.

A week ago, my Grams passed away. It was an odd week last week. I was sad at times...but it I knew the last 2 years had been hard for her, emotionally and physically. It's hard to be sad when I knew she was finally with her sweetheart again...where she most wanted to be. I think what made me saddest was that I couldn't make it out to the viewing/burial, the planning of it happened so fast and plane ticket prices were outrageous. But I'm so thankful my sister, Jen, was able to travel from SLC to Vegas to represent our family!
It's the weirdest feeling to not have any grandparents left. Each side played a huge roll in my life and the way I see myself. I'm so thankful for their legacy.

I cannot believe it's already April. And it's hot.

Jax turns 2. In 5 days.
He's finally started talking....we {we, as in James} got him a new big boy train bed, so fun, yet so scary. I value his naptimes more than a large Coke Zero from Sonic. He's a ton of fun, a ton of crazy....and it's a good thing he's cute.

General Conference was fantastic, as always....the parts I was able to listen to {and not yell at my children thru}. I love listening to our Prophet speak. And there were some fantastic talks, too. Some that spoke directly to my heart....thank you Elder Holland {"Envy is like downing a gallon of pickle juice every time someone around your is happy or receives good luck"} and Elder Uchtdorf {"It's easy to to assign dark motives to others because of the resentment in our hearts" and  "Stop it. We simply have to STOP judging others. Replace those judgements with love." Oh how I needed to hear that one, right off the bat, too...}. I love the Gospel. I love the way the teachings of our leaders make me want to be a better person. To love my family more and to serve those around me.

This week is full of party prep for Jax's Trash party....I'm beyond excited. Beyond. It's been fun "hoarding" trash for the last month....I'm excited to throw all that trash away, tho...eek.

We went and saw Mary Poppins the Musical. It was great {and will require a whole 'nother post, with pictures, yay!}

We finally got a new computer....with 2 screens {thank you Nighthawk for showing us how awesome 2 screens can be!}....AND photoshop.
I haven't had PS in a few years, but I'm so excited to be able to start digi-scrapping again {or trying to, at least} hopefully I can get my pictures off of the crashed computer somehow.
Hopefully this will lead me to blogging more!

Well...we can pretend, right?


Danielle said...

i used to have that banner on my blog! twinkies. :) i loved this post, thanks for those awesome quotes from conference. i can't wait to go and read some of the talks during some down time, you know?

hooray for a new computer!!! i had two screens at my job and it was so amazing.

Julie{isCocoandCocoa} said...

Lots of great things at Conference (also the parts I was able to hear).

I was sorry to hear about your Grams. I don't have any grandparents left either. It's really weird.

Karen and Mike Sharp said...

I'm SO sad we won't be able to be at the big party this weekend. :( Hope Jax has a fabulous birthday!