Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mary Poppins the Musical

James is signed up on the Disney website, where it tells you when Disney productions are in your town, such as Disney on Ice....and in our case, when Mary Poppins the Musical was playing. AND, on top of that, there are certain nights you can go for a discount.
So, we got a sitter for Jax, and took the girls out for a night on the town.

We started at Razoo's.
Fried pickles, anyone??
I had to fight the girls to sit by Daddy....he's a popular fellow. 
 After dinner, we walked a block or two over to The Cupcakery. If you're ever in Ft Worth and want a decadent piece of heaven....you need to stop in and pick out a cupcake....all different kinds. I heard they even had bacon on one....
We picked out the Mary Poppins cupcake. {It had this cute little umbrella cookie on the top...totally pulled out the camera too late!} It kind of reminds me of Dr Seuss...but it was quite yummy.
 The play was at Bass Hall in Ft Worth. We've never been there before, although when we are in Ft Worth, we always see the big, beautiful building with the trumpet playing angels on the side.
So it was quite the treat to be able to go and enjoy a show there.
 Our seats were fantastic {and discounted!} right at the edge of the balcony.
I do admit, I had visions of my children plummeting over the edge, made my heart palpitate a little faster. But that's just because I'm a crazycakes mamma.
The play was amazing...the talent of these actors/actresses amazes me. They not only remember lines...they SING and their voices are gorgeous.
It went a little long {like waaaaay long....intermission being at 9, with an hour left!} but the girls thoroughly enjoy themselves and keep asking to go see it again.
It truly was....
Practically Perfect in Every Way.
{except the time thing....let's face it, no one is really perfect, Mary!}


Jenni said...

How fun. I miss my girls being that age so that I had a good excuse to go see Disney on Ice and things like that.