Friday, April 20, 2012

Jax's Trashy Birthday party (1)

Before too much time passes....I need to get Jax's party blogged!
I wanted to post just one post .....but there were TOO many pictures and I couldn't pass up any of them! So I'm breaking it up into three posts, since blogger tried to drive me crazy this week by freezing up after uploading 30 pictures.

This party had been in the works a few months prior....after I found the idea on Pinterest {of course} I was totally inspired!! The idea came from Hostess with the Mostess, a site that featured a blog post by Cakes likes a Party. And then a few ideas "borrowed" from Pink Peppermint. Holy genius.
I was even able to buy the graphics used in Cakes party from Cakes Etsy shop....hallelujah, happy day! I had so much fun preparing for this party....hoarding collecting trash....saving trash....keeping trash...we had LOTS of trash stacked in the laundry room.

So...on Saturday, April 7th....we got trashed at Jaxson's party!
{not that kind of trashed....get your head out of the gutter}
One of the best things about a trash party: decorations are free!
So...with a little creativity and some hot glue...

This one is my favorite!
I saved up ALL of my Sonic cups...yup....we drink alot of Sonic 'round here.
It's a Sonic garland! I strung them all up with some fishing wire. <3 Took me a few days to take it down after the party, too!
For the favors....I filled up cans with potting soil and some wildflower seeds.
{covered the pointy edges with duct tape, yourwelcome}
And was so happy when I had friends calling me the next week, telling me their cans were sprouting! Of course....we left ours outside and they got totally demolished in the rain we had the next day.
We fed everyone junk food....and more junk food!
More trash garland....I couldn't believe how much had been collected!
So there you go....the deets...the set up.
Now onto the guests and the fun!


Danielle said...

cutest idea ever! i loved everything about it. you really outdid yourself. way to go!

and happy number two (lol), big guy!

Colton Anne said...

You are so amazingly cute and creative!! Oh how I wish we lived closer to each other!! Don't you want to come live by the new KC temple!?!? :) JK! I need your creative juices to help me with Rex's 2nd bday party in June! Choo-choos, lightning mcqueen, and woody!