Friday, April 20, 2012

The Trashy Party (2)

We held the party outside in the front yard....and the set up work great....
we even roped the yard off with caution tape leftover from another little fella's birthday.
I had a whole area with wadded up trash...and bins for the kids to separate Paper, Plastic and Aluminum. Another one of the favors was a trash grabber, or whatever they're called. My sweet friend Shellie found them at the Dollar Tree! I was so excited she found them for only $1!
We had such a great turn out of friends....birthdays for ages 1-3 really do seem more for the parents. And I happen to be lucky enough to have a great group of friends all with toddlers Jax's age! He gets kinda grumpy around them....unsociable....but they still like him just the same! 
The kiddos also did some drive way art for me.....
Friends...aren't they cute??
I was SO happy that Emily and Jed were able to come up from San Antonio to spend this special day with us. I couldn't have done all the prep the night before or that morning without her!
The dad's tagged along with their families....and found a great spot in the ever-receding shade to sit and chat. 
Hannah, my baby sister....made herself friends with cute little Wyatt.
He's a little bit of a sweetie.
This is actually the first birthday party for my kids that I've been able to have family at!
Carl and Jax have a great love-hate relationship....they love to tease and pound on each other.
Friends travelled from far away to celebrate with us!
Jetta and her kiddos, including Aubree's best friend Sarah, drove down from Wylie, braved the traffic and even stayed after to clean up and rub my feet.

All of these pictures are courtesy of the gorgeous Danielle. She saved me by taking some {214} pictures of the event! I'm always running around like crazy at parties, so it was nice to have someone take that responsibility on! Thx, Sweet Dee.
Cake and gifts up next!


Danielle said...

you're welcome for the pictures, you should let me lighten some of them up!!! (sorry i don't know more about cameras!)