Friday, April 20, 2012

The Trashy Party (3)

What would a party be without cake and presents!?
I made Jax his very own dump truck cake....chocolate cake, chocolate icing, gummy worms and oreo cookies on top! For all the kids, I made dirt cupcakes in cones!
The whole time he's like, why is there crap in the back of my truck, yo?!
This picture melts my heart...
And I'm just so glad I made a huge chocolate mess for a boy....who doesn't really prefer chocolate. Oh well....more for mommy to eat, right?!
All the friends dug right in, getting nice and messy.

After cake....Jax opened his presents.
Lots of cool stuff....wrapped in trash, my genius friends!

He wouldn't let that cupcake cone go....all thru unwrapping his gifts. 

Mom and dad {mainly daddy...mommy talked daddy into getting a trampoline, so that was her gift, booyah} bought him a cute little no-wheel bike. Yes, that's wheels. Big Daddy said it's supposed to help him learn balance....soweshallsee.
At the end of the party.....the garbage truck rumbled down the street....perfect timing!
I think this was the funnest party I've ever thrown, and it was so much fun to put together and really got the creative juices flowing :). It also got me nice and excited for the girls party in October!


Danielle said...

him not letting go of that cone was hilarious. he meant business!!! ♥ so glad he had a nice birthday! you rock, lady!