Thursday, May 3, 2012


Only a month late....I figured, hey! It's May! Might as well blog about April. :)

We had a beautiful Easter this year, surrounded by family.
We don't really do baskets...but I got the girls some new super cute dresses.
Trying to get all three to say cheese is ridiculously hard.
And Jax....well....if he isn't doing what he wants to do, he gets a bit teary.
{And by a bit, I mean, throw-himself-on-the-floor-tantrum, yay for twos!
But it's pictures like these that show real life!
 We took up two full rows at church on Easter, woot!
In June, when Jen is in town...we're gonna take up THREE....booyah!
I can't believe I have so many of them around me.
It's not always sunshine and farting rainbows, but I'll take it.
  Kids grow up so fast. And Jax better be glad he's I'll forgive how grumpy he is EVERY Sunday. *Pinch* Can't help myself.
{When I first saw this picture it made me want to cut my hair, bah! bleh}
 We wanted Jen to know how much we missed her!!
So we left her a spot...cause we aren't complete without her!
And John's a punk....the end.
OH....and I'm not really that tall...I wore these heels that I will never wear again. By the time Primary started, I was in bare feet! Painful! I got them from the thrift store and thought they were oh-so-cute. But I'm learning that SOME things are at the thrift store for a reason! 


Jen B. said...

Aww that makes me feel missed!! :) Thank you! I can't wait to be there! The whole family will be together!! So exciting! Your kids are so cute.. And Creighton seems the same way every Sunday!