Sunday, May 6, 2012

Everything is so green this year

Maybe it's so vivid because we are comparing it to last summer, when the heat killed everything :(. But man....looking at these pictures, everything seems so ALIVE.

The kiddos and I were able to take a little trip to the Ft Worth Botanical Gardens with my sister, her kids and a friend and her cute little daughter. We hadn't been there in a while...or rather, when it was in bloom. We did visit the Gardens back in January with the whole fam damily. But there is just something magical about going in the spring.

 Our kiddos.
I love how sweet E is hamming it up and Carl is in protest of picture taking! We were taking up valuable turtle spotting time!
This is my favorite spot to take pictures....on the rock under the willow tree.
 "Hey moms"
 Aubree and her friend.
A sweet little moment.
 There are so many things to look at when your walking around the Gardens. Some things you see time after time when visiting.
I have a favorite tree I like to visit.
I wish I had a name for her....
Isn't she magnificent? I imagine she's been growing for a hundred years.
I've had a love for magnolia trees since I was a child....climbing the one at my Grandma Sargent's house. They are the best climbing trees....strong, sturdy branches settled just the right spacing apart. And when you lay underneat one, gazing up into the branches....the leaves create these fantastic patterns. Amazing.

Note to self: visit the Botanical Gardens when the weather is cool....don't procrastinate {the heat makes you cranky!}


Colton Anne said...

So pretty! Seems like such a neat place!