Monday, May 7, 2012

Love, Bella


I look forward to teacher appreciation week.
Really, I do.
Mainly because I like to make stuff, and lets be honest...I like all the "did you make that? oh wow!" I can get or the "these are so yummy". It's my vanity, I guess you could say.
But child's teacher spends ALL day teaching my child. They deserve all that I can make them....and more.

This year...the stinking school did appreciation week on a different week than ALL the other schools I know of! URGH. So, since I put off making what I needed to make....I got a late start. Boo. OH well. Last year, I made little things and gave stuff to lots of different faculty members. I couldn't quite hack it this year....the overachiever in me was very disappointed.

Starting from the LAST gift...
I made this cute wreath, inspired by a pin on Pinterest, of course :), via Destination Craft. I adore the fact that its a chalkboard on the top! And the felt flowers were easy cheesy to make, and sporting school colors, no less!
 The second day...
Another idea {lets just say ALL my ideas come from Pinterest} from Pinterest...
Bella picked out a yummy smelling hand lotion, then I attached a cutout of her hands. Adorable idea!
That day, I also sent cinnamon rolls and about uber-productive that morning. Then I promptly rewarded myself with the leftovers ;).
 These last two pictures were taken with Instagram....I've mentioned that app before, but I love it to the point I'm obsessed....I take so many pictures because of it!
The first day....I decorated a Sonic drink carrier....and added a few treats. Simple, yet fun!
I swear...Sonic drink carriers are THE best way to give gifts! that was my 3 days of gift giving. If you're in the market for ideas for your kids teachers....Pinterest has you covered.
But here are some of my favorites:
I have to mention eighteen25....mainly bc I follow one of the girls on Instagram...and she mentioned me in her post! But she put together a great list of ideas. I can never get over how talented some people are!
I bought all the "ingredients" for this snazzy hand out to a few of the faculty.
But I ran out of time....maybe for end of year??
Pinned Image
Speaking of printables....
These cards are fantastic. And how easy to put together a little packet, tied with a ribbon?!
Pinned Image
I love the idea of giving the teachers breakfast...
Little Pumpkin Grace is where I got my inspiration for the cinnamon rolls, etc.
Pinned Image
What else? What else?
This is another "end of school" gift I'm excited to create and give...
Fun, right?
Pinned Image
Ok, ok...that's enough....I could go on all night...sharing all the pinteresting things I've found! I don't know what I would do without that site!


Jen B. said...

You are ao awesome! I Will have to remember to come back Here for ideas next year! :)

Colton Anne said...

So cute!! you are definitely inspiring!!