Friday, June 29, 2012

Blogging from the great Northwest

So here we are in beautiful, northern Idaho. I'm sitting here in our quiet little one bedroom cabin....listening to my children snore. James is out with his dad grocery shopping. I should be getting everything ready for our bike trip tomorrow....but I'm lazy and a procrastinator. So there ya go.
We spent today getting James' grandma's house ready for a garage sale.
Backing up.....we are in Idaho for a family reunion. We started planning this reunion at the beginning of the year....then at the end of April/beginning of June, grandma Dorothy got sick and passed away. We all had already made the plans and purchased plane tickets, so we kept with the plan! And we are so blessed to be here! We are all truly sad that grandma's not around, but it's so nice to be here and all together. Plus, the weather is BEAUTIFUL. Holy cannoli. Our cabin doesn't have a/c and we are completely comfortable. It's a nice break from Texas.
So back to today....we were able to go thru a lot of grandma's stuff. She and her husband were quite the hoarders, so it was quite the challenge. I was so excited to go thru it all, tho....and I had an amazing amount of energy today (considering I have to have a root canal on my tooth when we get back next week and I've been in crazy pain for the past few days. BUT! Thanks to a priesthood blessing I received last night from James and my FIL, I have been pain free all day. Talk about serious blessings!).
I would stop and think to myself several times today: "why am I enjoying going thru this stuff so much??" and I finally realized that it was probably bc I wasn't able to help clean out either one of my own grandparents homes.
I miss them and visiting their homes sk much!
What treasures await you in a home owned by a different generation! Especially those who grew up in the depression era. They have a tendency
to hold on to every. single. little. thing. It's amazing how packed their houses are!
I would have given anything to be able to rummage thru either of my grandparents homes! But I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to help at grandma Dorothy's!!

PS....forgive this post and it's errors! It was written on my iPhone and I'm hopped up on antibiotics 😃


Jen B. said...

I wish I could have helped clean out our Grandparents houses too! I think Grandpa Sargent even said once that because he grew up in the Depression he held on to everything. or was that dad? Utah has beautiful weather too *wink* wink.. nudge nudge.. ;)

But I am glad you are having a good time with his family! And what a great relief from your pain. Gotta love the Priesthood power!

Love you!!