Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I hope that when I am older and my children are grown, that they will want to stay up past midnight, laughing thru old memories with me.
{cause you know I'll be up....coke zero in hand, munching on popcorn, doing a craft}
I just left my MIL and FIL's cabin....where Mommalove is sitting with James, Bryan and Topher. The memories are ones they have laughed about before....but they are still funny and will be just as funny in years to come.
As I left them in their laughter, I thought to myself: I hope this is me one day.
Sometimes when your kids are young, you think the sleepless nights will never end....that you will forever be the last one eating because you've been busy getting your kids food first. But one day they will be grown...you will go on vacations with them, you will sit around talking memories. I hope that when that day comes, my kids will have funny memories of their childhood to share. That they will be able to laugh at their dumb mistakes, just like daddy laughs with Grammy about stealing money from her purse when he was little. And how she went up to school, called him out of class and searched him, just to find out later that the $10 bill was in his shoe. Ha.
Everytime I am with the Kirchmann clan, I feel like I should be recording these memories for posterity. I don't know if it would come across so bust-a-gut funny on paper, tho.


Sara Jackson-Holzman said...

This post made my heart warm. I am sure your kids will stay up late laughing with you over the great memories you created with them.

Jenni said...

Love it!

MommaLove said...

That was truly one of my favorite moments of the trip ~ not many even knew about it. It was one of those "mom" moments and as special to me as you described. Thank you for writing about it, and thank you also for making me cry at work!! :) I am so blessed to call you daughter!! I LOVE YOU SAHA!!! What a great Momma you are, I loved watching you with your children. Can't wait until September. Love, MommaLove