Thursday, July 19, 2012

Friday in Pinehurst

Friday is the day the family was complete.
Lisa and Kari were both driving and arrived that afternoon.

The family that was there started early {ish} and headed over to Pinehurst.
The goal for the day was to sort thru Grandma Dorothy's house and get it ready for an estate sale.
And holy cannoli, I was in heaven.
Why, for the love, do I like going thru people's things so much? It's why I love thrift stores, garaging and dumpster diving so much! 

Grandma's house held so many special memories for the family. Throughout the day, we heard "remember this" or "Grandma would say...." it was a fabulous day, filled with warm hearts and crying eyes. Her spirit was still in that house. I'm so grateful the family was able to go through everything and take a piece of memory here and there home with them.

I think I was so HAPPY to be sorting and tossing and keeping because I never got the chance to go through my own Grandparents homes. Something I wish I would have gotten the opportunity to do. Sorting thru memories, being able to walk down memory lane for an afternoon or two. Being able to take home something of theirs to put in my home....I'm so sad to have missed that chance!
Sometimes things ARE just things....but not when it comes to memories. Those THINGS are our past in one way or another.

Anyways...I think we did a really good job cleaning out Grandma Dorothy's house. I wish we would have had a Uhaul! So much cool stuff.  


Jen B. said...

I know what you mean!! I wish I was able to go through our Grandparents' houses as well! There definitely would be some good trips down memory lane.. Love ya sis!

Krista said...

I've enjoyed reading about your vacation and seeing your pics! I totally get you wanting to go through James' grandma's house. I was able to go through my Grandma's and it was neat to see what she had. I sent you a clipping with your Grandma's obituary but it probably got there right when you left for your vacation. I hope you got it!!