Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday in Spokane

James did a lot of research for this trip, like he does for most everything.
{just call him Mr. Knowitall Research}
So it was no surprise when each day we had something fun to do.
On Thursday, we drove back into Spokane to visit the Spokane Riverfront Park and meet up with James' parents, his brother and wife.
What a fun, fun place!
James also found a Groupon for this place, so we were able to get all day passes for cheap. Woot.
I happily stood on the sidelines and took pictures for posterity!
{Mama don't like rides....esp after Mama rode ONE ride and felt sick for the rest of the time}
Daddy took Jax on ALL the which the lil sweetie was cowered against his daddy...but he always left the ride with a smile on his face {twss....couldn't resist}.

The girlies were both big enough to ride each ride TOGETHER. Which was nice, it's so fun to have "older" kids...ones that don't need chasing all over creation.
They were very, very brave and wanted to ride EVERY ride.
Then they rode The Spider.
And halfway thru I hear "Mommy, Bella feels sick" being yelled at me from the ride. Thank goodness the ride ended more sooner than later after that, no barfies.
Daddy was in HEAVEN.

After a few hours, we met Grammy, Papa, Topher, Bryan and Alexis for more fun!
We were so excited to see them!
Topher was extra excited.

I found my true love at the Riverfront Park.
Hawaiian shaved ice.
{NOT a snocone....SHAVED ice....bliss}
I've mentioned several times about my abscessed tooth. The plane definitely made it feel WORSE, ugh....but if I put cold on it, the pain would subside for awhile. Thus, my love for shaved ice....I consumed maybe 7 of them that day.
 I also received a Priesthood blessing from James and his dad that night and combined with a second type of antibiotic, I was able to be painfree for the rest of the trip. 
Goofy girls....taking a hint from their Mama.
I love giving the camera to the girls...the pictures they take are hilarious.
So thankful for this man and his awesome family.