Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Let's get this going...

So, we spent 9 days in Idaho....
Started our trip at 4am....getting up and to the airport for our 6:30 flight. Yuck.
The flight went really well {can't say as much for the way home, bleck}
They had new toys, new headphones....new Lalaloopsey dolls {their fave lately}...how could you NOT have a fabulous time.
Daddy got to take care of The Boy....
Mommy hates to fly....combine that with a toddler, no bueno.
Jax enjoyed himself and even took a little nap, whodathunk.
We flew from Dallas to Spokane, where we stopped at The Onion for lunch.
Great food, yummy fried oreos!
And Jax left his mark by drawing on a lamp cover with a crayon. :\
After lunch, we hopped into our rental {new, limited Taurus with leather seats....yum}
and drove over to Idaho.
We had some time to spare, so James booked us a little boat cruise. A Pirates cruise!
Our lil Pirates of the Coeur D'Alene.
I thought we'd be totally out of it....too tired to enjoy something like this....but I'm so glad we did. So much fun and SO much beauty to take in.
I can't count how many times I sighed and wished we had a summer house here!
The show was a little cheesy balls...
but it was for the kids, so what can you do but sit back and enjoy it?
They got some pirate booty....stuff to dress up in and swords to fight with.
They even helped Cap'n Calico Jack find his missing treasure!
Our own lil one-eyed Cap'n Jax.
Arrrrrrgh....me matey's.
Jax didn't quite get it....
Each kid was given their own pirate name at the beginning of the cruise.
Aube: Adventurin' Aubree
{Her name tag looks like Aubreel...so they kept calling her that, ha!}
Jumpin' Jax
and Beautiful Bella
The cruise lasted a little over an hour....
after which, we tackled the shaved ice stand {bliss for my aching mouth!} and spread out in the grass...I could have slept on that grass, it was so soft!

After a bit of relaxing and people watching, we went down to check out the water.
The fffffrrrreeeeeezing water. Wowza.
Jax paid no mind to the temperature, of course.
There's just something to having your feet in the sand....so fun.
After spending some time in the sand, we packed up and headed to our cabin.
As soon as we got in the car, the kiddos hit the hay.
Such weary travellers.
We were the first of the family to arrive....so after eating at a local Chinese restaurant {yum} we spent some time unpacking and shopping and ghetto s'more-ing.
You'd think we could have put together a better way to roast marshmallows...but by "cabin" we were actually in small homes that backed into each other. Fantastic for later on when all the cousins played together. Not to mention being able to hot tub jump.
This was a perfect first day to our trip {other than my crazy tooth pain, of course}. I couldn't get over the weather...it was nice enough just to get away from the HEAT of Texas, but then to add all our fun activities into the mix....totally a great vacation!


Simply Sara said...

Great pictures Sarah! Looks like breathtaking fun!!

Jen B. said...

You know... I wouldn't be mad if you guys moved there :) hahaha