Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Finishing up the Idaho trip

I don't want to give up on blogging our Idaho trip from THREE MONTHS AGO. Blah. I feel like I should....and just get onto things that are happening now. Like, um, the first day of school. Sheesh.

But then my awesome friend, Christina, gave me a tip about Google Chrome...and uploads pictures SO FAST. No more choosing pictures, then having to walk away and do the dishes (so I wouldn't smash my computer screen to bits!) It seriously uploaded them in mere seconds. Amazing, I tell ya. Maybe I can actually get back into blogging again! where were we??
OH yes...MONDAY.
This would be Monday, July 2nd. Our last day with everyone.
We woke up bright and early(ish). Bella got a keratin hair treatment from her sweet Aunt Lisa. Part of the treatment is setting it with the heat from a flat iron...and OH MY. Her hair was SO straight, I couldn't believe it. She looked so grown up!
 The plan for the day was to go fishing.
All the bigger kiddos were very excited....I stayed home with Jax, because, well...Jax + ponds= disaster. 
So, the uncles took them all fishing. 
They actually caught quite a few fish....I think rainbow trout?

Bella had no fear...egged on a bit by her Uncle Josh, whom she adores.
But she dug right in and cleaned out all the guts. I didn't know she had it in her!
I love this picture....with Kaleb as the quite interested observer. Very curious.
 Uncle Josh gutted and cleaned the rest of the fish, so we could eat them for dinner. After being fried up, they were quite yummy....tho I couldn't get the image of Bella sticking her hand in the poor fish gut! (gag)
 Bella is a beautiful soul. I feel like this trip to Idaho was her happiest moments of the summer, she was always smiling. You could tell being around her cousins made her so happy.
 After dinner, the grandkids gathered in Grammy and Papa's cabin to pick out their special jewelry from Grandma Dorothy's massive collection.
The woman had a great love for sparkly baubles....and I know my girls were happy to go thru and pick out the ones they wanted. So many pretty things!
Even the boys got something....bolo ties from Grandpa Cle! 
Just a few more days to go...then back to our regularly scheduled blogging, thanks Google Chrome!


Christina said...

Hooray for google chrome!! Seriously a bloggers best friend!! Can't wait to see more posts from you!