Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lil' bit of Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday was kind of a sad day....Everyone left, but us and Grammy & Papa. We were so excited to spend some one-on-one time with them, but it's always hard to see family go!
We spent a few hours on Tuesday doing some sight-seeing. 
First stop was Wallace for some ice cream and Huckleberry shakes. 
 Then we took a drive up into the trees....trying to find an old hotel that was built OVER a stream. Supposedly you could see the stream thru the floor?? Er, something like that.
But we never found it. Just a bunch of old, old towns and remnants of towns.
James and I realized we have watched one too many scary movies....thoughts of a town full of cannibals ran thru our heads as we drove further and further away from civilization. Eek.
 One thing I love most about this area is it's rich history. So many things happened here...mines, mills, gold, logging....I'm probably getting most of that wrong...but it sounds right. And I took a picture of a sign! Ha!
Just happened to be the Fourth of July. So we found a parade to attend....with several to pick from, we attended the one closest to us, in Kellogg. 
Cute, quaint, no high school band...booooo. 
But when we are together we always have fun.
 See....these are their FUN FACES. 
We don't believe you, Papa....are you having fun yet??
 While we waited....Grammy played nail salon. 
Making quite the out, white shirt!
 Oh Jax.
 I love a good small town parade.
And this parade threw candy....and not just candy, but TAFFY....holy moly, jackpot. We got so much taffy than I still have a stash left....three months later.

 After the parade was over, we joined the rest of the town at a park, where they had some booths set up, some jump houses and a park for the kids to play.
Aubree in one of her many unhappy moments. It's always something.
 Oh my. 
No words.
More 4th of July to come....


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the mission. Was that on Tuesday or Wednesday?