Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The End. Kinda.

On the 4th of July, we did a little bit of sight seeing in the area. One place we stopped off at (after getting another huckleberry shake, yum) was a grassy area behind the Wallace Chamber of Commerce. It had a bunch of old mining equipment out on display for kids to look at and even play on.

Papa helping Jax sound the alarm.
It was a very HAPPY day. No other way to really describe it. We really enjoyed one another's company.

Watching the stream/river/watersource. 
He loves his daddy (even more than he loves to be picked up...which is saying A LOT).
After visiting Wallace, where we thought we would find more 4th festivities but the town was pretty empty, we headed in the opposite direction on I90, to check out an old Mission.
Not 100% sure I was allowed to take pictures inside of I'll only post one, ha, but it was too beautiful inside not to show! Everything was hand-carved and so intricate, the picture doesn't do it justice. 

We traipsed around the grounds, checking out an old cemetery and some other replicas of old buildings. 
Jax and his Uncle Topher (who is a SENIOR this year....ummm, what?!) So thankful for the time the kiddos got to spend with him, he's quite a nice fella.
The original mission was put together using these things (MommaLove knows MUCH more about it than I do, this is why you blog SOONER, so you don't forget the little details and why you took the picture!). I thought it was so cool that there weren't any nails.
We stayed at the Mission till it closed, then headed back to Kellogg to eat some dinner and catch the fireworks. The temperature dropped a few degrees and we were CHILLY!
Papa and Daddy walked over to the fireworks stand and got a few sparklers.
Jaxson snuggled with Grammy.
We "shared" some curly fries....or maybe I ate most of them, who knows.
Sparklers make me happy. 
They also make Bella happy....being the only type of firework she likes, since they are QUIET.
Jaxson snuggled with Daddy (the boy gets around...).
Mommy snuggled with Bella and prepared to clamp my hands over her ears for the big boom show.
So....maybe we could have gotten a bit closer, ha! But it was still a pretty show Ü and really, being there together as a family was the best part of the whole night!