Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The REAL end.

Goodbyes can be so hard!
Thankfully....we had already made plans to see everyone in just a few months at Bella's baptism (which is now just NEXT week, see how time flies??!!)

 After we pulled out of the cabin drive and headed onto the freeway, I looked back at the girls and Aube was quiet sobbing. Then it turned into a bit of a wail, with "I miss Grammy sooooooooo much!"
Poor sweetie, I know the feeling. I remember crying so hard when I had to leave Las Vegas and my grandma and grandpa Jones. So hard when your little to understand! It broke my heart a little bit to see Aubree so upset.

We drove into Spokane to return our rental car and catch our flight.
The rental had been very loved you can tell by the fingerprints. We made sure to check out every setting!
Waiting for flights is always the hardest part...especially for a 2 year old who just wants to run all over and do whatever he wants. But we didn't have long to wait.....
....and the payphone kept him busy.
Please insert twenty-five cents....
Almost home! My travelling companions sure are cute.
Truly a trip we will never forget....mixed with happiness at being together as a family and sadness in saying goodbye to Grandma Dorothy and her home. So grateful for the memories we have of her and the memories we made on this trip!