Friday, September 21, 2012

One of the many things...

....I haven't posted about.
The girls most recent dance recital.
....which was in May.
I don't know why I keep acting surprised about my lack of blogging...I'm soooo shocked at being a slacker! ha!

I love Aube and Bella's dance teacher, she's such a sweetie. And the company does a great job at putting on a recital. They've had it, for a few years now, at this renovated theater in "downtown" GP. I love being able to watch the girls on stage! They both did so well this fears or tears.

Their ballet number this year was a combination of both age groups....danced to the Wizard of Oz Munchkin song and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" {insert tears that song}.
It was such a special treat to see them dancing together!
Aubree moved up to a bigger class this past year, so she did 3 numbers, just like Bella did.
All dressed up in their tap costumes.

Sassy pants.
The girls wait for their turn in the side stage area....this neat little ramp where they have to be uber quiet.
It's the nervous hallway.
I just sit and cross my fingers....hoping that there are no tears. And as soon as it's their turn, I dash away, running fast as socially acceptable thru the back halls of the theater, so I can see my girlies perform!
We had a special treat this year! Miss Stephanie's son was old enough to perform! 
That little dude is so adorable....especially in his suit and tie, smack dab in the middle of 12-15 girls. 
But he wasn't shy....and he knew his moves better than all of them!
Aubree in her Jazz costume (A-DOR-ABLE! holy shimmy shimmy shake that tooshie).
I need to post a video of it! 
And for some reason, I didn't get a pic of Bella in her Jazz costume. Timing was off, I guess.
I love having girls in dance! They took the summer off, and miss it so much! 
I can't wait till they can get back into it. 
It's so fun to be a mom of girls. To be able to get all dressed up and girly with them.
And it's a blessing to get to see the differences between them and Jax. Both have their ups and downs.....and it's definitely not easy, but totally worth it.


MommaLove said...

NEVER NEVER STOP BLOGGING!!!!! love it. especially the last pix.

Shannon said...

Flipping adorable! The girls are fab-u-lous in their costumes! The more sparkles and fringe the better! Next year, I totally want to see them shake it!