Saturday, September 22, 2012

First day of school! First day of school!

{I always seem to sing that line from Nemo when we start back to school}
I had mixed feelings about starting the school year. 
We had a great summer, I love being around my kids.
Yet...the week before they drove me bonkers.
I was 'losing' my little partner in crime.
Yet...Aube was SO ready to be in school.

But start it did!
And we woke up semi bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Monday morning.
 Don't you just love these banners??
These pennants are made out of chalkboard vinyl. I bought a yard or two of it awhile back to make some chalkboard placemats...then figured I should use the same concept for a banner! Being able to erase and use it for the next year or next event...genius.
Of course...just because it's "chalkboard" vinyl doesn't mean it actually works...ha. Even if you follow the directions, whichIdidthankyouverymuch. Soooo, I went and found some dry erase crayons and they work much better! And totally erasable.
I'm excited to sell these babies at our craft fair in October!

Enough about me! And banners!

Bella, cutie pie, started good ole 2nd grade this year.
 I think they were both excited to have each other in the same school. Bella, so she could show off everything to Aube. And Aube, because she's not as tough as she looks!
 Jaxson had no clue.
But he was excited to take his book and his sisters to school!
 Both teachers had an owl theme going in their rooms.
Score for me! Love me some owls....gonna have to make them some cute stuff.
We took Bella to class first, she shook the teachers hand and took her seat next to her friend from last year.
Aube was next and totally fine until we got to the door. She wanted one last hug....ok one more hug....and then another hug when the tears started up. Poor sweetie "I'm just gonna miss being at home with youuuuuuu" Me too, sweets, me too.
 Jax had it in his head that he got to stay at school, too.
Not a happy fella. Basically had to drag him out of the school.
 Then we got donuts to ease the pain.
Nothing like sprinkles to put a little pep in your step.


Danielle said...

such adorable little girls!

(and i am going to FREAK OUT next year when maddy goes. omg.)