Monday, September 24, 2012

Our summer getaway

This summer, James and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary.
Because of the family reunion last year, we didn't get to do anything just for us for our 10 year, so we made sure we got away and did something special. And because of having so much family in town now, I was able to get my cute sister, Emily to stay the night with the kids. It's been yonks since James and I have been able to get away for a night.

James took a holiday from work, so we spend all of Friday and Saturday together.
Starting at the restaurant that James knows I love best, Hoffbrau. 

Have you had their steak salad?? Yum.
After lunch, we spent some time scouting out jewelry stores. I wanted to have my engagement ring diamonds set into another ring....turns out that cost mucho mucho. So, I opted to have them replace some prongs with a bevel and it turned it into a brand new ring. I love it.
I also loved looking at all the bling....
We did some looking for a bed & breakfast in Ft Worth and settled on Lockheart Gables.
Such a beautiful place.
We stayed in the Sweetheart Cottage, which wasn't in the main house, but a separate building with a cute little porch.
It was very interestingly decorated....lots of vintage furniture, mixed with some marble, including a faux marble wall...a great heart shaped tub and a walk-in shower. The owners were so very proud and spent a good amount of time showing off the room to us. That's the charm of a B&B, I guess.
And then these beauties...
The TV was in the cabinet behind the doors were open, thank goodness. The couple kinda creeped me out.  I don't know why, but I kept having visions of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. I expected the eyes to follow me around.
We were met with chocolate covered strawberries, ginger snap cookies and fresh lemonade.
I love the little touches.
That night we had dinner at Pappadeaux.
We like our food. It seems most of our life "events" revolve around where we go to eat.
I love this fella....
Sometimes we look at each other and think "holy shenanigans, we're old" {of course, we really aren't}....
I'm so glad I get to spend all my younger old years and my older old years with him. He puts up with a lot {and so do I! ha!}....but I'll always be convinced that we are at our best when we are together.
The next morning, the B&B owners brought us breakfast....omelets and cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate and fruit. I felt so spoiled!
Before checking out the next morning, we sat out on our porch and James tried to teach me how to play cribbage. Which was a complete fail, whatwithall the counting numbers and such. I'll leave that fun game to James and his daddy....I'll be over in the corner playing Phase 10....or scrabble....or wrapping a wreath {which, yes, I did bring with me on our romantic weekend! crazycakes}
LockHEART Gables.
All the little accents had hearts intertwined in them. Adorable.
So grateful for the chance to get away with my hubs. 
So grateful he took a chance with me, way back on June 1st, 11 years ago....
So grateful for the path our lives have taken us.