Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The day is fast approaching.

In just a few days, Bella is going to turn 8 years old. 
In our religion, we believe that the age of 8 is the age of accountability, when we are old enough to understand the concepts of faith and repentance. This is the age one can choose to be baptized. 
Bella made this beautiful decision and will be baptized by immersion on Saturday, her birthday.

I've been busy making plans for months. Bella decided on her baptism program, the songs, who would give the talks, etc.
Last night, I was going thru pictures to be scanned {since Bella was born at the beginning of the 'digital' age...can you believe that??}. I came across so many wonderful memories. Each one made my heart burst with happiness....I'm so grateful I am her mother.
She's grown up so much.
She is magnificent inside and out.
Picture credit: Miss Danielle. Thank you so much, sweets. 


Karen and Mike Sharp said...

She's such a beauty. Congratulations, Miss Bella!!

The Eldredges said...

Yay! We are so excited for Bella. Sarah, you have inspired me to finally blog about Clay's baptism (six months later)!