Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Party Day!

My girls have birthdays 19 days apart....and they are still at the age where I say "Hey! What do you want to do for your birthday party?" ...And they ramble off crazy shenanigans like dancingrainbowbutterflychuckEcheese party!! So I reply "Sure you can have a  painting party" 
Haha, tricked ya! Youreallyhavenosay...

So I scoured Pinterest for some ideas....and as always, came up with some fantastic stuff from some talented people. Such as:
This cute party on Catch My Party.
I loved this invite on, and totally did my best to recreate it.
And so on and so forth....Pinterest is such a great resource! So thankful for all those crafty people out there and glad they can be found thru something like Pinterest!

As the guests came in, they were able to pick out a tie dyed shirt to use as a smock.
My cutie pie sister, Emily, and I had a tie dye session earlier in the week. So fun! 
The set up.
James said to me later in the day "That didn't take you very long to set up last night" Um...honey, you fell asleep halfway thru Revenge....and it took me a Revenge and a Project Runway to put it together! ha! 
Totally worth it, tho...the girls exclamations when they saw it in the morning were priceless.
The favor bags were hand-splattered by the girls.
They also splattered a banner for me that I hung on the front of the house. 
I found a set of party cups/plates/napkins, etc in Tie Dye at Walmart! Love me some tie dye, and it went perfectly with the rainbow-y painting theme! 
I tried my hand at making rice krispy treats that were supposed to look like paintbrushes.
See inspiration HERE. I didn't quite recreate it as well as I would have liked. But they tasted good!

I was even able to rainbow-ize the food! 
My sister schooled me on the true rainbow: ROYGBIV
(red orange yellow green blue indigo violet)
Fun little acronym to remember that!
As our cute little guests started to arrive....they passed a little a time putting together fruit loop necklaces.
Then we started in on the fun!
I found some 11x14 canvases at Michaels on sale 2/$5, which was quite the insane deal. 
Lots of cool rainbows all around the table.
My girls LOVE them. We have rainbow drawings popping up all around the house.
Auntie Em came by, decked out in tie dye like a pro, to join in the fun!
Aube's face is priceless. She can be quite the goofball (and drama queen)
Grandma and Grandpa also came, but of course I forgot to get a picture of them all together. Grandpa was in his tie dye, too!  
All the girls (and John Ü my brother) got to stretch their creative fingers and create something fun to take home. I really love seeing where their little minds take them.
Bella's school friend, Emi, did a little splatter pain effect on hers (and a few others around her, oops)
Aubree's school friend, Yede, has an eye condition where she doesn't see very well. Truthfully, I was a bit worried about having her and her sister, who has a bit of the same issue, come and not be able to participate. But both Bella and Aube insisted on having the sisters come. And to my happy surprise, they did just fine with a little help here and there. Yede's picture turned out SO GOOD! I may need her to paint a masterpiece for me to hang on my wall.
Maddy and Abby got a fun table all to themselves. Sweeties!
We let the paintings dry and the kids got all sugared up on sweets.
Then! We started our dance portion of the party. Bella really wanted to have a some dancing happen! 
We started up Just Dance Kids on the Wii.
It took a little bit to get everyone warmed up....and over their shyness.

But in just a few songs, we had everyone participating, dancing along with the silly little songs. 
And just like was over. I swear, parties need to be like five hours long (not really) to make all the prep worth it. BUT in the long run, the look on everyone's faces when they are having fun is what makes it worth it. And Aube telling me "This was the best day ever. It was a super duper awesome day." Makes me smile and start trying to come up with an even better party idea for next year! Crazy lady.