Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Craft Weekend

Two weekends ago, I had the privilege of going to Craft Weekend. My friend, Shannon and I had been on the waiting list since Meg first started hosting them! We are great fans of her blog, Whatever. You should probably just go ahead and start reading her blog, you won't be disappointed. She's quite fabulous. Go ahead...do it. You're welcome.
Our group consisted of 12 beautiful women from all over the US and Canada! Also included were Meg herself, Kimberlee (cutie pie and cook extraordinaire), Rachel (doll and Kim's cousin) and Jess (it's JESS! Any New Girl fans out there?? hehe. Jess is A-DOR-ABLE. Read her blog too, you'll fall in love like I have!)
Each and everyone of these women were fantastic. I'm serious. It was amazing to meet them. And hopefully we will keep in touch thru blogs, facebook and Instagram (woohoo, my fave!). I love meeting people with whom I have crafting in common. It's an amazing feeling to create something, and I think that comes out when you craft with another person....it's a feeling that just fills the whole room (well...except when you can't get your ruffles on straight! meep!).
Meg blogged about the weekend. And I'm going to take my turn here in a bit, I got some fun pictures! I am also way excited to blog about my first Craft Fair experience and Emily getting engaged! Woohoo, finallyJedsheesh. 


Jill said...

It was so fun!! I'm ready for a reunion...seriously!

Lachalle Jones said...

The best time for sure .

Farmgirl Paints said...

We're Whatever sisters:) What an amazing experience for us! Feeling so blessed.

Danielle said...

so so so so cool!!! i'm so glad you went and had a blast!