Monday, November 26, 2012

Bella's Baptism.

September 29, 2012
This was SUCH a beautiful and important day! 
I felt so grateful for the family & friends that were so supportive and for those that traveled a far distance! 
I know Bella felt the love that surrounded her on her birthday.

About a month before, I commissioned my friend, Danielle, to take pictures of Bella. We drove up to the temple and battled the wind, but oh my, these pictures were beautiful! I'm so glad we were able to do them, and even done early enough that I could put a baptism book together for Bella. 

 Bella is such a beautiful child.
I'm so proud of her every day.

 Bella was baptized and confirmed by her daddy.
 So thankful that he worthily holds the Priesthood, so he can bless our family.
 And I'm so thankful I was able to be standing there at the top of the stairs, waiting to wrap her in a warm towel.
 We asked Bella to decide who she'd like to have give the talks, prayers, play the piano, conduct. She put together the whole program!
She asked her Aunt Emily (sorry, no picture, lame!) to give the Baptism talk.
And then asked Uncle Topher to give the talk on the Holy Ghost.
They both did a spectacular job. Topher will be going on a mission in a few short months, so it was good practice for him to give a talk!
 You know me, I've got to decorate.
In the relief society room, where we held the main part of the service, I decorated all in white, to represent the covenants she made with her Father in Heaven. Read more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints here.
 Fittingly, it rained the entire day!
Cleansing the earth and feeding it all in one act. We needed that rain so much!
 Grammy and Papa gave Bella her first set of scriptures, and the cute case/purse is from Aunt Lisa and family. She loves being able to carry her grown-up scriptures to church!
 In the cultural hall, we set up for a luncheon after the baptism. The "theme" in here was rainbow-ish....building off of Bella's love of rainbows and her fave baptism song: I like to look for rainbows whenever there is rain....and ponder on the beauty of the earth made clean again....
 I couldn't have pulled off such a wonderful reception without the help of my In"Loves" ...and wonderful friends who brought treats! Miss Karen made tie dye cupcake, just for Bella!
 I can never take good pictures in the church gym....gotta learn how to use this camera oneofthesedays!
 Lots and lots of family and friends!
 SO thankful that my family lives so close and could all attend. Their support is always so endless!
 Hud! How can one not take a picture of this curly-headed little gem??

 Emily! Bella's friend thru Activity Days. She's such a sweetie.
 Oh Jared. Yer a handsome fella.
 And more friends! {muah}
I couldn't have asked for a better day.
My dearest Bella,
I am so proud of you!! And looking at these pictures, all this family coming to support you....know you are loved by MANY! And especially loved by your Heavenly Father, whom I know is so proud of you in your decision to become a member of His church.


Danielle said...


so precious. lover her.

Colton Anne said...

What a proud and wonderful day!! Love that she is a great example to my kids!! Congrats Bella!

Krista said...

Congrats Bella!! I have been such a blog slacker and I've stopped reading even that I missed this!! Exciting times you guys!! Can't wait to see your sister's wedding pics as well!! Miss you!