Thursday, November 29, 2012

The two Missus Craftypants....and the future Mrs Jed Ashford!

The weekend of October 19-20th, my sister Laura and I sold our wares at a craft fair at the Farmer's Branch Bluegrass Festival. It was quite the experience! We didn't sell hardly a thing, but it was still fun! It was our first ever craft fair...we've done 2 so far, and we are still learning what to sell!

The weekend was made even sweeter by.....
And it was so nice of him to include her family in the moment.
She thought he was coming to town the next day...silly Jed.
He showed up at the place we were having the craft fair, the Farmer's Branch Historical Park. It's SO pretty there, with all these neat old houses and buildings. We walked around a bit trying to find him the best place for the proposal....he wanted to be able to sneak up behind her! 
So...we started the rouse by telling Ems that we wanted to take a picture of all of us in our cute aprons. We had asked her to be our "helper" for the day. Sweet, sweet Emily just goes with the flow, even tho she thinks we are crazycakes.
And let me just is HARD to keep Jed a secret in this family! The kids all just love him so much, they were busting at the seams to be able to SAYHISNAMEEEEEEK! 
You can't tell in this picture, but Jed is sneaking up behind us....with a little bluegrass group!
 She was so excited to see him....a true surprise!!
.....and I tried to get all the chirrens out of the way....
I love this crazy blurry picture....because tho it's not sharp and can still see the look of pure happiness and joy on Emily's face. 
She loves her Jed so much and has been waiting for this moment for a long time! 
The ring they picked out is absolutely gorgeous! It was being made just for her, so the ring he gave her on that day was the model ring, orsomesuchthing.
 While we were setting up for the craft fair, we noticed these small groups of people sitting around, jamming on their guitars and banjos. So Jed approached one of them and told them of his plans, asking if they would mind following him and playing for Emily.
They even made up a song just for her....the guy on the left is singing! I wish I could remember the song.
 So happy!
And now...only a week until they wed! I'm so excited!
  After all that excitement, there was still some crafty setting up to be my mom and dad took the boys around the park a bit and they found this fantastic train caboose to play on. 
The boys were in heaven....their love for trains exceed most everything else!
 He was so happy!
And so, so, so sad when he had to leave!
 And finally! Our first booth!
We named ourselves Magnolia Lane. 
We have very fond memories of growing up in Sikeston, climbing up the strong branches of the Magnolia tree in Grandma Sargent's front yard. 
Also...we weren't just selling her stuff and my stuff....we sold jewelry that mom and Hannah made, bowties by Jen and photography and camping candles made by my dad! So, we were all different branches of that strong Magnolia.
 Ignore that crazy tie dye lady....that was NOT me, bytheway.
But the booth straight across from us did SO well, they commented that they "always do"...
They sold these delicious soaps, that looked like something you could eat {which I didn't}.
They are the Dallas Soap Company. Seriously yummy stuff!
I had to get a picture of our FIRST sale, our first money made at a craft fair.
We've been talking about doing this for SO LONG, it was so nice to finally put it into action, even if we didn't sell much. 
Thanks to Shannon for being our first sale!!

 Can't wait to do more after the holidays!


Danielle said...

very adorable!! such a cute proposal story, and i love your crafts! can't wait for more!

Colton Anne said...

You guys are so cute! And so talented!! And holy cow...I totally didn't recognize Jaxson!!! So cute and looking so grown up!!

Emily Sargent said...

AwwwI love you! Thank you so much for posting this! I want to print it off and put it in my journal or something! That just made my day!!
I guess it's been a while since I checked your blog... it has been a pretty crazy few months!!
YAY! I loved your explanation of the Magnolia tree.. so cool! I want a Magnolia tree in our yard now!!
Thank you for helping Jed out with the proposal :) I"m SOOO happy you guys were all there to be a part of it :)