Friday, November 30, 2012

We get it from our momma...

The next craft fair we participated in took place November 10th at a church here in the town where I live.
It's a cute little craft fair, I have seen advertisement for it every year I've lived here and I've always wanted to be a part of it. It was totally what you'd expect from a church craft fair!

We had a wide variety of things to sell! 
{that may have been the problem...too much to choose from is a bad thing?? I dunno}
We did a little better at this event than the last. But personally, I obviously wanted to make money and feel that validation when people want to buy your handmade goods....but there is something to be said for having the EXPERIENCE. I truly enjoyed the whole experience.
 {So if you see something you like....lmk, I will probably be buying most of you (three) readers gifts anyways! Or if I'm not, then I want to!}
The gals in the booth next to ours were super nice. {Even tho the short-haired lady looks quite grumpy!}
This was their first craft fair. They are sister-in-laws and the younger one wanted to get the older one out of a funk by making things to sell. Except the older one decided to buy Indian jewelry from where she lives in New Mexico and sell it. They were quite the pair! lol, we learned a lot about them!
 I was so excited to put these burlap banners together! With the cute little pom-poms! 
I'm glad they didn't sell, because I've totally put them up with our Christmas decor!
 Since it was still November, we tried to sell some of our fun pumpkins.
Laura has some real talent with wire! 
 My mom sold her jewelry, along with some of Laura's wire jewelry trees.
Speaking of mom....we all totally get this from her. Our creativeness.
(Ok, so from dad, too...double whammy)
I love to brag and say my sisters and I are all so creative in our own ways....
I love seeing the things they create. 


Danielle said...

SO cute. love those wire pumpkins SO much!!!

Emily Sargent said...

I loved all of the craft all three of you made!! My family is so AWESOME!