Thursday, December 13, 2012

Helping Emily become the "perfect" housewife....

.....even tho we all know she doesn't need much help at that!

I wanted to throw Emily a bridal shower, I felt that as the oldest sister it was my duty!
She was already having one in her YSA ward, but I wanted to spoil her with a 2nd shower for closer friends and family.
I enlisted Emily's insta-friend (I set them up when Em first moved to town) BethAnne for help. And what a good little helper she was! I couldn't have done anything without her!
I started to do some browsing around Pinterest and such for ideas....came across this 50s housewife theme, and fell in love.
Seriously, so cute! I love thinking about living in simpler times. 
 Isn't she adorable??
She makes a fantastic Missus. Already glowing.
I found her a vintage apron at an estate sale and used a stencil to paint the Mrs Ashford.
 For favors, I used a wood burning tool to write on a wooden spoon handle, to (in my round about way) kind of connect her reception theme to the shower... ?? Maybemaybenot.
 And for decorations, I went to the thrift store and found a few older cookbooks. Also, for the game prizes, I picked up some vintage cookware for the lucky winners.
Speaking of games....BethAnne put together a 50s Price is Right, having the guests guess what the items 1950s price would be. And then we also had a MadLibs-type game, where we gave Ems some "Marriage Advice." After we filled in the blanks, we read the original "Good Wife's Guide to a Happy Marriage" and oh's hilarious. 
  My partner in crime: Betty.
Emily made some good friends at the YSA ward, I'm so thankful they took her under their wing!
 Mom and glad we could come together to celebrate Emily!!
Gifts time!
She got just a few things...and Hannah wrapped hers Sargent-style with 25 layers of wrapping paper and duct tape, wowza. Of course, I gave her a nightie, brown chicken brown cow. Scandalous.

  The Housewives of Grand Prairie.
Bring it on BravoTV.


Karen said...

SO dang adorable!!! Your creativity knows no bounds, Miss Sarah.

Danielle said...

soooooo super cute!! you did a wonderful job! what fun memories. i'm so sorry i missed it.

Colton Anne said...

I think I've said this before, but you never cease to amaze me with your creativity! So cute! I bet Emily loved it!! Oh..and did I see it correctly, you have a purple piano at your house? If so, I should have known!! :) Gotta love your purple!!

Emily Sargent said...

YAY!! Thank you so much Sarah for throwing me a shower! I absolutely LOVED it :) of course, you are the best at throwing parties :) :)
I can't believe I just saw this post!!
I love you so much Sarah :) :) :)
You're seriously the best. totes.