Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters....

Name that song, and the movie it's from!

Have I ever told you how much I love being the oldest? Probably not, because that sounds rude.....who has ever said "I love being the middle child" (Jen....??? No?)
Let me catch you up.....I am the oldest of 6. There are 5 of us girls....that's who I grew up with. And then there's John....he's our baby bro, born when I was 23 yrs old. Crazy, I know....but it happens. And I love him dearly, tho most times I just feel like his mean Aunt Sarah.
There's just nothing like what I feel for my sisters....I dunno if this protective feeling comes from a lifetime of watching them grow from tiny tots, changing their diapers, cleaning up their skinned knees, making them miserable, bossing them around, pulling their hair when they wouldn't do what I say, or trying my best to help them see how beautiful they are inside and out.
I would lie, cheat and steal for any one of them.
So it comes as no surprise, maybe, that when one of them is hurting, that pain cuts straight to my core. Is it too much to ask to want perfect, unspotted lives for them? I think not.
When Jen was due to have her first son and there were complications, I spent the afternoon on my knees praying for her. I couldn't breathe until I knew she was ok.
Laura ....Emily.....Hannah....all have been in situations where I have ached for them to find their true happiness.
When Hannah was born I was 16, my little sweetie. My parents moved to Las Vegas when I went to college, and she was only, she's getting ready to turn 16, where has the time gone?
This past weekend, she asked me to color her hair, which I happily agreed to, I've done it several times before....I love to color hair. Anyways, long story longer....she wanted blonde, so I did my best, which wasn't all that great (duh, not a professional). I gave her some advice to try and tone it down a bit...which made it a bit worse, I'm guessing from the text messages I started to get from mom and then dad saying "please text your sister and tell her it will be ok, she's really upset". So, I did....I texted her (heaven forbid we call each other in this family) told her it would be fine, to take some deep breaths and go to sleep. Told her to give it a few days, cause putting anymore color on it would probably make her hair fall out and that would be WAY worse than a brassy bleach job. I got the "I'm fiiiiiine, Sarah" text and I just hoped it was the truth.
Oh to be 16 again....and to want to be blonde (I did this same thing when I was her age....very very blonde)!
Anyways....I worried all night, hoping she didn't cry too much ....I texted her this afternoon and she says "I actually got a few compliments on it".....phew

Moral of this story, if there is to be one: don't color your sisters or anyone else's hair....
AND: blog posts shouldn't have morals.


Danielle said...

HA! adorable. you're a good big sis. (leave the hair-dressing to betty!)

Julie{isCocoandCocoa} said...

Sisters are awesome! I have had bad hair coloring experiences with BOTH of my sisters. One with the bleach and the other when the medium brown box turned out black. (oops!) Thankfully they don't ask anymore :)

Anonymous said...

White Christmas

Lois Brown said...

Bing Crosby in White Christmas one of my all time favorite movies!!