Monday, January 21, 2013

A happy case of the Mondays

Every Monday afternoon, Aube, Jax and I sit outside the piano teacher's house for Bella's 30 min lesson. They play for that time frame, I sit and craft or read or surf around on my phone. Aube asks me 100 times "can I play on your phone?" Jax always smells like poop. Fun times.

Lately....the girls have had Monday swim lessons at we meet daddy for dinner in between the two. Then he takes Jax and I take the girls (or vica versa) and I sit and watch them swim for 45 minutes.
So I read or craft or the humid natatorium.

I'm usually late running Bella to piano, go figure. And in my frenzy, I think, what the crap, this is so annoying, running them here and there. I often wonder what my mom did as she sat and waited for my sisters and I in our various athletic and musical pursuits.

This dull ache of calm invades me....on some days. Other days, I shout and give myself a headache. But I wouldn't trade it.

This post has no point, other than to fill a portion of the 30 minutes of waiting.
You're welcome.


Danielle said...

and thank you!

you're a great mom, sarah. you sacrifice a lot for your kids and they will appreciate it! maybe later than sooner though. :)

Katie said...

What a cutie!