Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Boy Who Loved Trains

Jax and his trains. The boy goes crazy when he sees one.....whether its real and we are driving by, or a play set and he can spend all day watching and playing. Loves them. Earlier in December, James took him to The Trains at Northpark, a huge display of model trains. Now James is looking forward to the day he can start his own train room in our new house. He also can't wait to take him to the model train convention in January in Plano.
Boys will be boys!


Shannon said...

New house??!! Did I miss something?

Simply Sarah *K* said...

Not at all! But if things go like James is thinking at work, we may be able to move this year! Probably not, but one can hope!!

Danielle said...

hooray for trains! i can't wait til hudson can throw some more of them and break your floor. :)