Tuesday, February 19, 2013


That's a bit of a joke. Aube's swim instructor thought her name was Ardee for a whole month. So now, when we want to bug her, we slip that name in. Parents of the year, I know.
So to not damage her, in the typical "middle child" sort of way....I'm gonna post about her, just her!! (<----see proof!)

Our Aube is smart, funny, a delight and a terror at the same time. She's moody, she's helpful, and she's kind.
She is doing well in Kinder, only a few problems so far (her hands broke out in a huge rash there for awhile, we finally figured out it was the bathroom soap.....her other issue being asking to go to the bathroom all the time, at inconvenient times, silly girl) She loves to read, and can read very well....she will get lazy tho, and start guessing at the words by looking at the pictures. She LOVES the pictures, she says.
As of now, she wants to be an artist when she grows up. And daily, she tries to come up with the best name for her "shop" (sound familiar, ahem).
Right now, I'm sitting watching her during swim lessons. She's in heaven and keeps looking up to smile at daddy and me.
Love that girl.


Anonymous said...

Her arms must be so tired...

Danielle said...

Love Ardee! She's such a sweetie pants.