Monday, March 18, 2013

Blasted blog

Why is it SO hard to keep this blog updated? Seriously...I really need to make the time for I have pictures and family events recorded!

We went to San Antonio to visit Aunt Emily and Uncle Jed last week for Spring Break. We had a blast!

Jaxson started Tball (Whamball....basically pre-tball) and it's a fantastic disaster...but that's why he's playing, so he can learn!! James is an assistant coach...."I hate coaching" is his go-to quote now. I actually haven't signed up to do a durn thing, yet...which is amazing! Even tho it takes everything I have to sit still and just watch.

My  family had an issue come up weekend before last....and we made it thru the trial unscathed, sorta. I really do feel that each of us has had Heavenly Father's protective and comforting hand over us....and it's truly been a tender mercy. I'm grateful that we were able to pull together and comfort one another.

Easter is fast approaching. I love the feeling of rebirth the holiday brings. Yesterday, I taught Sharing Time about Jesus Christ and how because He was resurrected, we will be too. I hadn't prepared earlier enough for this lesson, so I felt kind of inadequate...but I was able to testify of the basics, because I truly believe them. And even tho I felt like I could have known more, I felt the Spirit settle over my heart when I talked about how we could only have everlasting joy when our body and our spirit were joined together again after death. I asked the kids "Do you know what that means....when our bodies and our spirits are joined together again after we die, never to be separated again?" They were kind of confused....the question wasn't very clear? or something. But ETERNAL LIFE. The promise of all promises from our Heavenly Father. They weren't as impressed as I was...but for some reason, that thought really clicked for me. It's nothing new or profound, but just a simple truth. I love the simple truths of the Gospel. And I love that teaching the Primary children allows me to learn them over and over again in varying ways.

Now if I could only get blogger to cooperate and let me upload pictures!


Danielle said...

you're so amazing. i love it when you inspire me! love you!