Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hair today, gone tomorrow

When we were in Minnesota for Christmas, James got a bee in his bonnet {or some such thing} to shave his head. He'd been worried about his balding for yonks...but finally put that to rest and put the  razor in his sisters hands!
I figured I should record this for posterity!
Lisa is cracking up hysterically for some unknown reason. I'm sure her brother's quick wit has something to do with it....or the fact that she shaved down the middle first and threatened to leave it!
 Conceited much?
Look at that face.
The kids were quite enthralled...

 AFTER! uhhhhh....
His bald noggin wasn't as misshapen as I thought it was going to be!
He eventually did have to get 2 moles removed.
But he happily rocked his new Laker stocking cap everywhere we went in the Minnesota tundra.
 It took me a few days...but I grew to love the baldness...and now, looking back at these pictures, I can't believe I didn't make him do it sooner!


Danielle said...


It does look so good!

You shoulda included pics from yesterday's hairscuts too, yo! I wanna see more of that little Jef-with-one-F!

Tirzah D said...

that picture where he is looking "conceited" had me cracking up!! thanks for sharing that!