Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jax turns 3!

Three years he's been with's amazing how fast time flies. I've been thinking about this blog post since his birthday this past Saturday....I wanted to be able to record some things about him, so I'll remember.
*He's definitely my most strong-willed child. When he puts his mind to something (and it could be anything) he doesn't budge. This is both frustrating and hilarious...and I hope he can continue to have such strong will about life!
*Jax has so much energy. Wow. Sometimes he'll just be sitting on the couch and all of a sudden he gets up and RACES around the zoom zoom fast, just runs. Go for it, buddy....get that energy out. (Probably energy he stole from his parents....seriously, he wears us out)
*He loves to be the funny dude. He loves to make us laugh. He'll do something he thinks is hilarious, then look at you to make sure you got the joke too. Silly child.
*He can definitely be a tough child. He knows what he wants and he's not happy unless he's doing it. For example: he hates the store. ESPECIALLY Joanns. He's warming up to Target, but not really. And he totally throws a fit no matter where we might be.....that fit usually includes flinging himself down onto the ground. Tile....carpet....he doesn't care. Drives me crazy. He's also decided he's too big to ride in the cart, and wants to walk. He'll start out holding onto the cart like a good kid.....then he tests his boundaries by zoom zooming down the aisles! For goodness sakes. The store is not our friend.
*Jax has started to learn about questions. And he's turning it into an art form. His favorites: "Where is daddy?" Where is Aube? Where is Bella? Where is Jax? (and then proceeds to crack himself up after that one) Also: Is daddy on the train? (He totally thinks James works on a train) or "What are you doing mommy?" All totally legit questions....yet when asked in succession multiple times....sheesh!
*And let's not forget his favorite pastime.....being at home....watching My Little Ponies. Yes. I've said to Cars, it's his favorite request. But after hundreds of hours of Curious's nice to have something different on!
*Jax LOVES to sing....he sings Wheels on the Bus, Happy Birthday, Ring Around the Rosies, Row Row Row Your Boat. It's so cute.
*We've had him in swimming lessons for two months now. He loves the water....but he's quite the pill to his teacher. When he first started, it was one on one bc he knew alot more than the other kids. So he got a little spoiled...and now that he has to wait his turn, he causes some trouble. He's teacher, Alicia, is a good sport about it tho....and she has no qualms about sitting him up on the ledge if he's not following directions.
*He's my sweetie. Tho he drives me completely batty and makes me question wanting to have a fourth....he has his moments where I still see my sweetie. Hopefully that part of him will always be there! And I can cultivate it into the handsome young man I know he can be!

Let the fun continue!


Danielle said...

what a little terrorist! i love that kid!