Friday, April 19, 2013


Tonight we had a fantastic, combined ward Activity Days activity. It was fantastic (other than me feeling like death). My mom is the leader in the other ward and I've kind of put myself in charge of it in my ward.....kinda love being around Bella! Anyways, hopefully I will post about it soon! My dad took pictures and I want to show the whole thing!
I just wanted to write about something that happened before the activity.
I was always. Setting up for stuff like this takes some major concentration....add in feeling gross, and I'm a mess!
So I noticed that Bella isn't around...I ask my sisters to help find her...nothing. We walk around the church. Nothing. This sounds dramatic....but my world kind of stopped. Bella doesn't just run off, or go very far....she's shy and quiet and sticks around to help if she can. So when NONE of us can find her, it's worrisome.
After a bit of running around, I call James and start walking towards the primary room. I asked him if he, by some weird chance, took Bella home. But nope, of course.
So I started yelling and I heard her voice...she was sitting in a classroom that we kept racing past.
What was wrong? She tried to tell me something and I wasn't listening and got mad at her.
Sarah needs to learn to chill out and PAY ATTENTION.....which is so hard to do when I'm a steward over so many children. I need to pray a bit more for mind first, make my children feel important. And second: still be able to make all the primary children feel important. It's a weight on these shoulders of mine...I seriously love it, but no's hard!
Really hard.

So glad she's safe. Too many rotten things happening in the world right now. 2013 can go back where it came from!


Anonymous said...

She's got a tender heart, like her momma.