Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Disneyland Vacation *Day 2*

May 2nd, 2013
Today we started out at California Adventure. We wanted to be one of the first in line for the FastPass to Carsland. With a little boy obsessed with going faster than fast....Carsland was a top priority!! I have to admit...I was very excited to see it to (since Jax watching Cars every day meant I watch it every day too!)
 photo IMGP6529_zps9f84fa4f.jpg 
We had a little while to spare while we waited for our FastPass time. So we checked out some characters, Bella and Aube rode a rollercoaster with Daddy, we all rode Buzzmania (my FAVE!!), and had a few churros.
 photo IMGP6530_zps5c5f4415.jpg 
Carsland did not disappoint! It was like being in the movie!
 photo IMGP6532_zps8b43b5c6.jpg  photo IMGP6533_zps1b6e61ac.jpg  photo IMGP6534_zps950a4bc9.jpg 
We ate at Flo's Cafe for lunch!
 photo IMGP6535_zpsa2f4e425.jpg 
.....said hello to Lightning McQueen at the Cozy Cone Motel.
 photo IMGP6539_zpsb46919c0.jpg  photo IMGP6541_zpsf4a09430.jpg 
After awhile, we mosied over to talk to Crush from Finding Nemo.
This little ...I don't even know what to call it....show amazes and baffles me...because you actually TALK to Crush. But he's a cartoon! I know the answer is probably simple, but I just can't wrap my mind around it. Bella was so excited to ask Crush a question....she sat right up front (sorry for the blurry pic...he moves around a lot) and when the time came, raised her hand real quick. Crush said "What's your question, little lady, there in the front row in the pink shirt?" So she asked "Who is your favorite Princess?" And of course he said Ariel. 
 photo IMGP6543_zps9dfa3c21.jpg  photo IMGP6549_zps9785a8f9.jpg 
Jax wasn't tall enough to go on the Grizzly River Run, so he and I waited....and waited.....and waited.....watching for Bella, Aube and Daddy to float by.
 photo IMGP6556_zpsb2183a64.jpg  photo IMGP6560_zps351cc922.jpg 
We were able to get a Parent pass, or some such thing, so that I could skip the lines and go on the ride again with the girls, while Daddy waited with Jax. They found a much more fun place to wait....where Jax could get as soaked as the rest of us did!
 photo IMGP6577_zpseda54e0b.jpg
And soaked we got! Note to self: Don't wear skirts on the Grizzly River Run.

 photo IMGP6586_zps28c88f63.jpg 
We ate dinner at a fancy shmancy restaurant, Carthay Circle. 
Right after the water ride.
So we were soaked and ffffffreeeeezing. But the food was heaven, which distracted James and I from the whining children. 
 photo IMGP6599_zps039c9023.jpg 
His lunch that day came in this McQueen car....he didn't let it go for the entire trip and held all his many treasure picked up along the way. 
Thank goodness for strollers. After we saw World of Color (no pictures! wah wah! we had awesome seats, too!) we barely made it back with all the kids awake.
 photo IMGP6604_zps189fc9fc.jpg


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how FUN!!! carsland looks fantastic!!